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NeoStrata Professional Skin Care Range

Kits available:

  • Strong Anti-aging Kit
  • Dry Skin Kit
  • Acne Problems Kit
  • Pigmentation Problems Kit
  • Oily Skin Kit
  • Sensitive Skin Kit

Many skin problems are caused by or associated with an excessive build-up of dead skin cells that makes the skin thick and dull, and may cause clogged pores.  We offer a comprehensive range of skin care products suitable to meet the needs of all individuals and skin types to promote skin exfoliation and enhanced cell turnover.
NeoStrata peels and products are uniquely formulated to improve signs of aging or sun damaged skin.  Products contain various concentrations of Alpha and Poly Hydroxy acids as well as combinations with sunscreens, lightening or anti-acne agents so that appropriate therapy can be matched to any skin type or condition.

DAYENNE Cosmetique London

Dayenne was developed by a team of skin specialists at a French hospital in conjunction with the University of Munich, Germany. The skin specialists were researching the beneficial effects of beer yeast on “impure skin”, when they realised that young brewer's yeast cells have a genuine therapeutic effect on oily, problem, sensitive and acne-prone skin. The team of skin specialists discovered that young brewer's yeast cells naturally regulate the level of sebum produced by the skin, balance the skin's pH level and assist in the natural healing process of blemished and acne-prone skin. The Dayenne skin care range was then formulated with young brewer's yeast cells and pure natural botanical extracts known for their benefits for healthy and radiant skin.

A healthy well-cared for complexion is always in style. This is easily achievable with a good skin care regime which combines superior skin care products and an excellent skin care ritual that will be most beneficial to the skin. Dayenne provides you with an unrivalled selection of innovative and contemporary skin care products that are natural, safe and effective. Daily usage of Dayenne, which has been made from young brewer's yeast cells and pure natural plant extracts, will reveal clear, young, radiant and glowing skin.